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AFDX® is a registered trademark of Airbus.
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What is AFDX®

AFDX® (Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet) is an avionics data network based on commercial 10/100Mbit switched Ethernet. AFDX® uses a special protocol to provide deterministic timing and redundancy management providing secure and reliable communications of critical and non-critical data. AFDX® communication protocols have been derived from commercial standards (IEEE802.3 Ethernet MAC addressing, Internet Protocol IP, User Datagram UDP) to achieve the required deterministic behavior for avionics applications. End Systems (or LRU's) communicate based on Virtual Links (VL's) with Traffic Shaping by use of Bandwidth Allocation Gaps (BAGs). AFDX® Switches incorporate functions for filtering and policing, switching (based on configuration tables), end-system and network monitoring.

The main elements of an AFDX® network are:

  • AFDX® End Systems
  • AFDX® Switches
  • AFDX® Links

AFDX® data communications are used on the Airbus A380/A350/A400M, Boeing B787 Dreamliner (ARINC664), ARJ21 and Super jet 100. AFDX® & ARINC664 is being used as the backbone for all systems including flight controls, cockpit avionics, air-conditioning, power utilities, fuel systems, landing gear and others. The first flight of the Airbus Industries A380 in Toulouse on April 27, 2005 is a real testimony for the programme and a major milestone with the 'first-to-fly' with AFDX® on-board based on the commercial 100Mbit/s switched Ethernet (wire) with deterministic behavior.

AIM GmbH is a leading manufacturer of AFDX® & ARINC664 test, simulation, monitoring, recording and analysis modules, analyser software and systems for any or all phases of an aircraft project deploying AFDX® & ARINC664 data communications networks. For more information about our products and services visit our web site at:

AFDX® is a registered trademark of Airbus Deutschland GmbH

fdXplorerTM, ParaViewTM, EasyLOAD-615ATM, fdXTapTM and PBA.proTM are Trade Marks of AIM GmbH

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